Killerspin MyT5 Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review

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The Killerspin MyT5 Rollaway table tennis table is a well-designed table tennis table, ideal for both the beginning tennis player and recreational table tennis enthusiasts. This piece of art which is easy to assemble and set up, comes with very many features which will make playing table tennis not just memorable, but quite an enjoyable experience.

Killerspin MyT5 Rollaway Table Tennis Table Features

This Killerspin ping pong table can separately fold in half, creating individual playback positions for warming up or one-man training sessions, while the folded part holds up as a hitting backboard.

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Built to serve you for many years, the Killerspin MyT5 Rollaway table tennis table features a 1-inch heavy – gauge metal frame and 1 – 1/5 – inch square metal legs. This package also comes complete with a net system to get you playing within the shortest time possible. And once you get started, you don’t have to worry about the table moving about in the course of play. This table tennis table comes with a safety locking system and locking wheels to ensure secure placement during play.

This Killerspin table tennis table top surface boasts a 15 Millimetre MDF with specially engineered Repeat Roller Coating (RRC) which provides 16 layers of coating on the table top. This enriches the quality of play and creates consistent ball bounce for enhanced skill development and a generally improved game.

Weighing about 196 pounds and with assembled measurements of 107 inches by 60 inches by 29.9 inches, the innovative fold–up and rollaway design of this product makes it easy for storage and equally easy to set up.

Killerspin MyT5 Rollaway Table Review

As we were researching this Killerspin ping pong table, we sought to establish how the users of this product really felt about it. We found 7 consumer reviews posted on, where this product also joins the few which rates at 5 out of 5 stars! One reviewer was impressed with the fit and finish of this tennis table, rating it first class. This reviewer also liked the fact that the net is adjustable and forms a taut surface. The customer also liked the one-person training feature, and in particular, this reviewer found it unbelievable that it took him only 15 seconds to turn the table from a standard table to a training table. Click here to read more reviews.

Another happy customer found that it was relatively easy to open the box and remove the table one half at a time. This reviewer found it even easier to set the table up. Not to mention that it took him only 15 minutes to single-handed set up this Killerspin MyT5 table tennis table; the table was just the way he expected. However, the only one interesting comment bordering the negative had to do with the product weight. At 196 pounds, this reviewer felt the product was a bit heavy.

Considering the many innovative features that define this product, and the positive comments from satisfied users, the Killerspin MyT5 Rollaway Table Tennis Table is highly recommended for any table tennis lover out there, who is looking for a product with unrivaled quality and value for their money. Click here to check out the Killerspin MyT5 Rollaway for a limited time only!

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