Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table Review

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Unlike many of tennis tables found around the Stiga Insta Play table tennis table requires just fifteen minutes of your time to assemble before you start playing. The other tables take long painstaking hours to set them up and a lot of frustration is involved, but this Stiga ping pong table comes assembled and everyone can easily assemble the table with much ease. There will be no worries whether the package will reach you in one piece; the packaging used is very strong and can’t break and it is for this reason that one gets to receive an intact set of table tennis.

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Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table Features

The Stiga tennis table has a ¾ inch top which is black and top quality edge banding that has been done by pros. Also along with the table you will get a 2 inch steel support apron and 2 inch square steel legs that provides the players with the most perfect playing surface. The corners of the table are padded to provide protection to the players and the table itself.

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The Stiga table tennis table comes with a 66-inch net and posts. The table can easily be folded and stored on three inch ball bearing wheel casters. The table can be used for other purposes as it can be separated and use differently. But very heavy objects should not be placed on top.

When closed the table measures it measures 64 inches high by 60 inches wide by 28 inches deep. This Stiga ping pong table takes very little space for storage and takes as little time to complete folding it and storing it.

Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table Review

There are about 49 reviews found on Amazon which when averaged they make up a 4.4 star feedback. There are 33 reviewers who gave a 5.00 star feedback and this shows that most of the buyers were satisfied with Stiga Insta Play table tennis table. Majority of the buyers are greatly satisfied with the way the product arrives without delay and the ease at which one can assemble the table. No time is wasted; you assemble within fifteen minutes and start playing thereafter. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

As stated above heavy objects should not be placed on the tables. The table will definitely break or get once very heavy objects are placed atop. There are basically very few things that one can say about this ping pong table. Some customers had problems with the instruction manual, but if the instructions are read and followed as indicated then no problem will arise. These Stiga ping pong tables come with the best customer service and are readily available to help sort out any issue that the customer may encounter in the process of assembling the table.

The Stiga Insta Play table tennis table has stepped in to solve the problem of installing tennis tables. When one purchases any of the other tables, long hours are spent setting up the table and it turns out to be a frustrating episode for most people. Whenever one buys the Stiga table all that is eliminated and one enjoys setting up the table in just over ten minutes. If you want to enjoy a table tennis game at a reasonably low price buy this table!

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